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Samuel Barclay Beckett (13 April 1906 – 22 December 1989) was an Irish avant-garde writer, dramatist and poet, writing in English and French. Beckett's work offers a bleak outlook on human culture and both formally and philosophically became increasingly minimalist in his later career. Read More...



Hello dear readers - Through many travails and down many paths I've walked to return me to my Beloved friend, David O'Connor, seen long ago anmd down thew years in Italy, met as my driving instructor and friend in the Sabine Hills north of Rome, last year , in 2023 he returned over the pond, to Long Island, NY and left a huge hole in my heart and soul, missing my friend dearly. I believe he was born in Britain, our lives have crossed paths down the years and he can nevwer be forgotten, his graciousness, his princely manner, his loyal heart have forever found a friend in me and life is not the same without you, David. Miss you dearly, please would you contact me, am on L**kedIn and F***book as Mary Therese Burns, please come together again, Beloved friend, you are so much missed, life is not the same without you in it, I've become ill with bereavement over your return over the pond and losing contact with you, am trying hard to heal and survive , hoping to see you again. My ancestral families were Gernons of County Louth (Gernonswtown, Baile an Gherleanaigh, and Drumbeg, GGfather and 3 of 4 brothers left to study medicine in Montreal in 1841, becoming Francophones, then a generation later, moving their father and son horse and buggy medical practice to the Chicago area before the 1870 census) and Burns (Derry Island, Castleblayney, Monaghan, left for Chicago in 1877)and my grandparents raised their children in the Chicago suburb of Kasnkakee and area. Both grandmother and grandfathewr served in WWI, he was an aide de camnp to Gen. Pershing since his early campaigns, alongside Col. Robert Mc Cormick, the Chicago Tribiune heir, and they were at Cantigny, the WWI headquarters, present during the armistices. Grandfarther, James T. Burns, was a Chicago judge and represented military men in Washington when he was a House member for the last decade of his life, popularly called "Robin Hood" for having reduced politicians salaries to free up funds for the poor during the Depression, he died during elections of Lt.Governor, candidate,nov.15 1937, leaving his wife, Anna Laura to raise their ten children, she was elected county Health Commissioner many years, and my father, the eldest, helped raise his younger siblings, who all worked to pay for their college studies, becoming a NASA engineer, doctors, dentists, lawyers, a judge, social workers, all married and had large families. My mother's and father's families were ancient aristocratic families from Europe, they kept memories alive of where their origins and raised us in contact with the old culture, in the new land of the United States, with much emphasis on education and culture in our families. I immigrated to Italy as a trailing spouse many years ago, where I met my friend David, who first met as children , before my family moved away in 1974, ans I' trying to find my lifelong friend, refound in Italy and lost again, hopefully we can stay close again for life, as do miss him so, nothing is the same without him. David, or those who may know him, please ask him to contact Mary Therese Burns on my social networks, I will pass you my phone, hopoefully we can reconnect when I am over the pond , hopefully after I heal my health. David, you are forever in my heart, wish you well wherever you are, and hope to have our lives rejoined soon, miss you dearly, you don't know what you mean to me, nothing is the same since you departed.Be well, hope you are safe and sound, your friend, MT

Philip Mc Elhinney

Hi there i have a good story for use it's about St canice who was born in the North West of Ireland and when all the way down to loais outside kilkenny to build his church ? but he had his followers who followed him down to help build his church and i am sure they never ever ever came back to the North West of Ireland ever ever again so I would like to do a DNA test to reunite all those lost lost relatives once again and make history to after 1.400 years ago and the followers where are call the Mc Elhinney clan

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