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Launched by Irish President Michael D. Higgins in New-York in 2012, this collaboration between the Irish International Business Network (IIBN) and the Irish Network - New York (IN-NYC) aims at fostering engagement and promoting the development of new executive and entrepreneur talent in the Irish Diaspora through business mentoring and education.

Michael D. Higgings, President of Ireland,

at the New York launch of the IEMP

Inspirational Leadership

"Anyone who knows the Irish will know that this is part of our instinct to get together and talk and listen. But this network is more than just a forum in which to swap stories. You have developed a place where you can share experiences, find a mentor on a mentee and give back generously to our new and adopted communities."

With over 70 million people with Irish ancestry, Ireland has one of the most active Diaspora in the world.
More than a network, we give the Irish Diaspora the opportunity to give back to its community or receive expert advice and help for any project.

Based on volunteering, this programme is available to all citizens of Ireland and members of the Irish Diaspora worldwide.
If you have an affinity with Ireland and would like to engage with and contribute to this dynamic community, you are welcome to participate.


Typically, mid- to-late-career executives and entrepreneurs, IEMP Mentors share their experience, provide free business advice and guide early- to mid-career counterparts towards accomplishing key professional goals. Mentors volunteer 1-2 hours per month, online or in person, for six months or more depending on the mentee and goal to accomplish, in service to your mentoring partnership.

Volunteer MENTOR Benefits:
- Give back to your community by helping other Diaspora members thrive, grow and accomplish their professional goals
- Feel good knowing you helped someone achieve their goals and dreams
- Share your knowledge and become a recognised leader in your local business community
- Make new contacts and network with other business experts
- Grow professionally and personally with IEMP's training and education content.



Typically, early- to mid-career workers, executives or entrepreneurs, looking to learn from experience and work towards accomplishing meaningful professional goals to achieve greater success in business. IEMP Mentees dedicate at least two hours per month, for six months, preparing for and participating in meetings with their mentor.

Volunteer MENTEE Benefits:
- Receive free professional business advice and help for your project
- Achieve your professional goals and take the next step in your career
- Make new contacts and network with local and international business experts and counterparts
- Be part of a vibrant business community of people with Irish origins or affinities
- Grow professionally and personally with IEMP's training and education content.


If you want to learn more about the IEMP as a potential Irish mentor and / or Irish mentee, fill in the form below and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we have processed your interest registration.

There are no fees involved! We simply connect Irish Diaspora mentors and mentees around the world based on their interest and competency areas.

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