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Project Description

This project involves the installation of a Digital Cinema Projector in the not-for-profit Watergate Community Theatre, facilitating a year-round cultural programme

The Watergate theatre is Kilkenny's city and County municipal theatre (not-for-profit). The Watergate Theatre provides a year-round programme of multidisciplinary events (~180 events /year) which aim to engage people of all ages, groups and backgrounds. In 2019, 32,500 people attended events at the Watergate. The theatre has a wide range of partners in Kilkenny who produce world-class work across a range of disciplines such as Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenomics, Subtitle Film Festival and Cat Laughs as well as other festival organisers of all sizes and stages of development. There is frequently a requirement across all disciplines for a DCP as part of the delivery of their event. The installation of a Digital Cinema Projector will facilitate the running of shows for all artistic disciplines and therefore maximise engagement opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds and interests. The digital projector will allow Watergate theatre to show up to date film and would increase theatre’s offering in terms of multimedia work, including digital projections across all art forms, including dance, theatre and music.


About the Kilkenny County Council

This project is managed by the Kilkenny County Council. It is the local Authority for County Kilkenny, delivering local public services and promoting economic, social & cultural development.

Listen to Joanna Cunningham, Director, Watergate Theatre

Fundraising Details

Project Cost: €50,000

Project Updates


Geolocation: 52.65521,-7.2567627 

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