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Project Description

The project entails researching the history and assess the archaeological potential of Kilkenny's Butler House buildings, gardens and sub-surface. This 18th century complex of stables, coach-houses and Dower House for Kilkenny Castle has been maintained and operated by Kilkenny Civic Trust.  While the site is well-known, there remain many questions regarding its use over the last four centuries. This research project will include public consultations, primary research and assessments. The end result will be a road map for its future preservation and its continuing, sustainable use by the local community.

About Kilkenny Civic Trust

The Kilkenny Civic Trust is a registered charity set up by Kilkenny County Council in 1989. The Trust’s remit is to promote public awareness and appreciation of Kilkenny’s architectural, cultural and historic heritage for the benefit of the public and to encourage their conservation and use. 

Listen to Grace Fegan, Curator Kilkenny Civil Trust

Fundraising Details

Project Cost: €45,000

If you could financially support this project it would be greatly appreciated

100% of donations go directly to the Kilkenny Civic Trust's PayPal account below (Registered Charity 20023386)

Project Updates


Geolocation: 52.649381,-7.248412 

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