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Irish Genealogy & Name Origins

Genealogy has long been a favorite pastime of Irish people around the world, but thanks to a complicated history of raids and invasions, tracking Irish pedigrees can be tricky. To start your journey, type in one of your surnames here, e.g. the surname you have now, your maiden surname, your Mum’s Mum’s surname, etc.

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We have been asked by thousands of people around the world if we can help them with their ancestral research.

So we found the best local genealogists around Ireland and the UK to help your ancestral research.

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#6 Debra Cole

I would like to know more about the McSweeney family, as my great great grandmother was a Sweeney from Ireland, maybe Cork. Her father was Joseph Jackson Greer Sweeney 1852-1936. His father was Benjamin Swinney. Name changed a lot. But now are Sweeneys. Original Irish name may have been Mac Suibhne. They were old Gaelic, Norse descent. Maybe from Argyle. Need story of Thomas McSweeney during Irish famine of 1845 and info about the famine and the McSweeneys. Thanks!

#5 Tina Whalen

I am an ancestor of the Whalen name and would like more info about my past there was a book published about my family but my father r.i.p was the last person the author spoke to so I am intrigued to know more

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