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Project Description

Renovate and restore two 18th century almshouses to provide a support function to the Medieval Mile Museum.

Established by Rev. Peter Roe, entry was open to “All poor persons, resident in the city of Kilkenny who are desirous to have the Scriptures read for them”. These fine stone buildings are of great architectural significance and ideally placed to support the work of the museum. Their full assessment and restoration would create spaces for educational workshops, temporary exhibitions and vital administrative functions.

Listen to Grace Fegan, Curator Kilkenny Civil Trust

Fundraising Details

Project Cost: €1,125,000

If you could financially support this project it would be greatly appreciated

100% of donations go directly to the Kilkenny Civic Trust's PayPal account below (Registered Charity 20023386)

Project Updates


Geolocation: 52.6516126,-7.2545372 

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