In 620a.d. St. Mochulla founded a monastery on the Hill of Tulla, around which our town has since grown and prospered.

2020 is a very significant year for Tulla making the ‘Windswept Hill’ and town one of our country’s oldest Christian settlements, inhabited for 1400 years,  marking a milestone which few can match.


Tulla is the centre of a region which is extremely rich in music and artistic talent , sporting and cultural tradition. To celebrate this momentous anniversary, we plan hold significant events in Tulla in each season of the coming year which will bring together all that is wonderful about this town and region and mark this unique heritage for generations to come .


We intend to hold four major events during the year as follows:

Learn together: a “Hedge School” weekend 24-26 April, at which there will be lectures, walking tours of archaeological sites and musical events as well as treasure hunt and launch of the Tulla Geocache.

Play together: a sports and social weekend, at which we hope to have a major theatrical event with internationally known performers, a family picnic day with an open air concert, and sporting events which will be organized in the parish 17-19 July.

Pray together: a series of events and ceremonies of liturgy , prayer and spiritual reflection in memory of St. Mochulla and all who have lived in the parish since the foundation of St. Mochulla’s Monastery on the Hill of Tulla in 620a.d. 18-20 September.

Imagine Together: Tostal Mhochulla: a major event incorporating all of the arts in Tulla telling the life of St Mochulla, with a fusion of poetry, music, song, dance and bringing together the huge musical and artistic talent of the parish, including works specially commissioned for this event which we hope will be broadcast to the diaspora throughout the world. 20-22 November.


The planned events for Tulla in 2020 will achieve the following objectives:

  1. We will bring tourists into this area throughout the year.
  2. We will leave a permanent legacy in the form of an art installation for future generations.
  3. All of East Clare will be incorporated and participate in these events, working with Tulla secondary school students from O’Callaghan’s Mills, Broadford, Crusheen, Feakle, and Clooney
  4. We will encourage international tourists to the area for years to come, through the Geocache, and support Feakle and Quin where Geocaches already are in place.
  5. There is a huge resource of artistic talent in East Clare. Artists from all genres will have a platform for their work in front of a large audience.
  6. This celebration provides a focus for the East Clare diaspora, and we plan to liaise with other organisations to bring people back to Tulla this year to participate in these events.
  7. We have signed up for Green Festivals in Clare and will encourage green policies in our approach and advertising.
  8. We have already had meetings with all of the clubs and organisations in the community as part of our Tulla Development Plan and the whole community is involved in organizing and supporting these events.

As a legacy of this year-long festival we hope to also commission a permanent art installation in the town for the future to mark our unique heritage.


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