Car Rental

People choose car rental when visiting Ireland mainly because it is the best way to see all that Ireland has to offer. There is so much to offer that most find they can’t fit everything into one trip! Car Rental enables visitors to break the shackles of public transport and have a great adventure visiting the many sites cultural and historical sites as well as getting them from a to b.


You can either book online from the comfort of your home or find one of the many car rental agencies in the main arrivals hall when you arrive. They will aid you on your way ensuring your safety and comfort while travelling around this beautiful country. Most international car rental agencies operate in Ireland as well, but you will also find smaller dealers that might offer better rates.


If you are used to American car rentals standards, there are a few things to consider in order to find the right car for your needs in Ireland.


Transmission - Not necessarily automatic


The very first aspect to consider when renting a car in Ireland, or in other European countries for that matter, is the transmission. While in North America, most rental cars feature automatic transmission, the European standard is manual transmission. Moreover, in Ireland the gearshift will be on your left. If you think this could impact your driving ability, make sure you ask for an automatic, but you might have to pay for an extra charge. Also, if you make your booking at the last minute, it’s possible that you don’t find a car with automatic transmission.


Compact interiors


Most car models you can find for rent in Ireland are standard European or Japanese vehicles. If you are used to the American standards, you might find them a bit too small for your taste. If you want a larger vehicle, orient yourself to the higher categories. Also, check the trunk’s capacity if you are going to travel throughout the country with a lot of luggage.




If you check the specifications carefully, you will notice that things like air conditioning and cruise control are listed as extras most of the time. The Irish summer is really short, so if you are not an AC freak, you don’t really need to pay for it. The same goes for cruise control as Irish roads are pretty well marked.




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