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Recorded in a number of spellings including MacKernan, McKernan, McKearnen, McKiernan, McTiernan, Kiernan and Kernon, this is an Irish surname. It originates from the pre 10th century Olde Gaelic name 'Mac Thighearnain' meaning 'The son of the Lord', a translation which no doubt helped its popularity considerably. The clan or sept originally belonged to Breffny, an ancient province comprising the modern counties of Cavan and Leitrim. Their chiefs were known as the Lords of Teallach Donnchadha, the modern Tullyhunco, in County Cavan, and frequent reference was made to their exploits in ancient Irish Annals from 1250 to 1550. The name is still chiefly found in the Cavan-Leitrim area...

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I grew up in a family of public servants, my parents being law enforcement officers. I came from a very proud family of public service. My great grandfather served as a captain in the Corp of engineers and staff officer for General MacArthur. My great uncle George L Hanna being a state trooper killed in the line of duty creating the award of valor named in his honor and last and foremost my great grandfather Wilfred Gerrior a prison guard slain on duty. Before my jump into public service, I’m also greatly proud of my time as a football player in middle and highschool. I played in middle school on the JV team and in highschool where my team won the state championship getting to play Gillette stadium. The same stadium the New England patriots play and won their championships. With a family of personal heroes like these I from a young age decided to serve my community the best I could. I joined the civil air patrol at age 15. As a civil air patrol cadet I would attend encampment in the summer of 2016 where my flight was awarded the best flight award. As a civil air patrol member I served in numerous honor guard events around cape cod and Plymouth, many such as Fourth of July parades and veteran day memorials. Honor Guard Events -Troops In The Spotlight 2017 -Seaside Le-Mons Race 2016 -Seaside Le-Mons Race 2017 -Wreaths Across America 2016 -Falmouth Road Race 2016 Awards -2016 MAWG Summer Encampment (Bravo Squadron 191st Cadet Training Squadron, of the 190th Cadet Training Group) -2016 MAWG Summer Encampment Honor Squadron -2016 CP18 Most Improved Cadet Award Certifications -Advanced Risk Management -Basic Risk Management -Intermediate Risk Management -Downed Power Lines -Lightning Safety -CAPT 116 - General ES - September 2009 (Emergency Services) However this was my first step into public service. From here I would go on to become a volunteer at my local police agency, the Mashpee Police department. Here I would help at many different events such the national police night and various community events. Most enjoyable being working in connection with the special Olympics allowing kids with disabilities to play and have fun in select activities. At the age of 16 however came my most formative endeavor. I have served as a leader in many different occasions in Civil air patrol but I never had taken over a project like this. On the behest of my friend, role model and police sergeant Ryan Nardone. He tasked me with starting, establishing and creating a police stuff-a-cruiser where I managed and organized a team of volunteers who on one day raised over 1,000$ and two carts of food for the homeless during the holidays. Following this I became a member of the Barnstable County Sheriff's Office Community Emergency Response Team which gives volunteers at many different events to other events such as national disasters. However my public service was not over yet. In highschool I was nominated and became a member of my high school's math honor society. I have a deep affection for math and its use. I loved it as a kid and I would volunteer after high school every Thursday to tutor kids in math, specifically aiding those with mental disabilities. Whilst in highschool my start of a career in public service began. My first job was for the town of Mashpee’s department of recreation where I worked as a gate attendant which served as a liaison to the park goers of our parks and beaches which gate attendants monitored. Whilst working as a gate attendant I was placed in the middle of many issues with the towns specifically wampanoag conflicts. My name was hence brought up in a town hall meeting for my work with voiding the gap between public servants and the wampanoags and the ongoing fighting. Here I was also mentioned for my work with breaking up an engagement with a man with a knife in a dispute. I also had a man who presented himself as a Somerville Massachusetts police officer with a personal vehicle with police lights installed. I doubted that his police light system was professionally done marked down the license plate and was able to determine by working with the police department he was impersonating police and had a faux personal unmarked police car. I would continue working with the police as part of my duties as a gate attendant and helped the police be on the lookout of individuals with warrants by monitoring the goers of the town establishments I was employed to stand post as a gate attendant at. After working for the town of Mashpee I would go on to work with Robbert Collett at the Barnstable board of health where I would aid in the monitoring and deterrence of underage selling of tobacco to minors. Here I would go on with Mr Collett to aid the commonwealth of Massachusetts by spreading our program across to up 4 counties approximately over a third of the state. Whilst working here I would continue to balance school, volunteering and my professional life. Despite working up to 15 to 20 hours a week across the state I would also volunteer continuously as a tutor after school. Following my work I would continue to work with the board of health whilst also aiding and volunteering with the Massachusetts Alcohol Beverage Control Committee where I aided state law enforcement officers in the deference of and enforcement of laws pertaining to selling alcohol to minors. I aided them in working over many towns across the state. At the age of 18 I would have worked or volunteered on all levels of the government and worked two government jobs in conjunction. At my junior year in highschool however I had become overweight and weighed over 220 lbs. at five feet and seven inches. Following this I decided that there needed to be a change and lost over 60 lbs in the span of 8 months to enlist in the United States Marine Corp. I would eventually volunteer to leave two months early (two weeks after graduation) for bootcamp and later become the first McKernan in my family to become a United States Marine. I continue to work for the county and volunteer for the state whilst maintaining a 3.93 GPA and volunteer tutoring after school. I also was a member of the national technical honors society and the future business leaders of American school secretaries. Part of my enlistment meant that I had to give up my spot to Fitchburg State Universities 4+1 Police program. Which only accepts 100 students a year and is responsible for placing students in police departments around the state and is highly renowned amongst hiring police agencies. During my enlistment I would serve as a financial services technician. During my course of work I volunteered for any and all chances. From here I have gained the secondary military occupation specialty as a combat marksmanship coach or aka firearms instructor for my regiment. Another billet I achieved in the USMC was under the Regiment Commanders Substance abuse officer to aid as a member of the team in charge of running the drug analysis program. I would aid two females in my unit as a coach to shoot nearly perfect scores achieving high experts' scores north of 335 out of the 350 requirement. In the past year as a marine I have volunteered with the onslow county lacrosse to help with parking, I volunteered at the local zoo to help feed the animals and clean up after the storm. I volunteered to help my unit clean out the barracks room when we transferred over due to rooms being vacated dirty during the COVID pandemic. I volunteered under my colonel of my regiment when my unit sponsored a local school standing in formation. I also volunteered at the food pantry delivering over 200 people with food for themselves and loved ones. During my enlistment I have volunteered at many events such as food pantry’s, lacrosse practices, and zoos helping out my new local community. Through my course of employment I also saved almost every dime and by the age of 20 years and three months I was able to buy my fathers multi family property out from him in cash. This investment property is not only as of yet a profitable endeavor but it’s also been run as a low rent building with rents lower than 30% of market rent to provide stable and cheap rent to residents of the town. Hence know at 20 years old I have served my nation in various ways and in different branches and many roles, from search and rescue, military service, emergency management, and public support in agencies such as the civil air patrol the auxiliary of the air force and with the United States Marines holding various certification from the federal emergency management agency to the Marine Corps. Synopsis of work Volunteered for - Mashpee police - special Olympics - Barnstable county sheriff - Massachusetts beverage control and department of treasury - volunteer underage buyer -Mashpee highschool math tutor - civil air patrol usaf auxiliary Government and Public work -Mashpee recreation department - gate attendant - Barnstable board of health - underage buyer - United States marine corps Societies - math honors society (Mu Alpha Theta) and volunteer tutor - national technical honors society


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