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Family spelling variants includes Aland, Hallen, Hallan, Allam, Alling, Allyn, Alleyn, Alleyne, Allain, Alain, Allon, Allin, Alen, Alan, Allan

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Meaning the "son of Alan", it is said to have come into England with Alan Fergeant, Count of Brittany, companion of the Conqueror, and first Earl of Richmond, Count of York. It soon became common in the north of England and the Scottish border. The oldest known form of the name was in the 10th century. There are more than fifty coats - armorial assigned to the surname.


Allen - (Variants: Allan, Alan, Alen, Allin, Allon, Alain, Allain, Alleyne, Alleyn, Allyn, Alling, Allam, Hallan, Hallen, Aland) English and Scottish: from a Celtic personal name of great antiquity and obscurity. Various suggestions have been made regarding the origin; the most credible is that it originally meant ‘little rock’. Compare Gaelic ailín, diminutive of 'ail' meaning rock.

English: relationship name from the Middle English, Old French personal name Alain, Alein (Old Breton Alan, of uncertain origin), the name of a Welsh and Breton saint, which was popular among the Bretons followers from Normandy with William the Conqueror. It was first reported in Britain, followed by Ireland. In England, the personal name is now usually Alan and in Scotland is more often Allan.

The popularity of this name in Scotland is mainly due to Walter fitz Allen (d.1177), a descent of Breton, the first Scottish royal steward and his son Alan (d.1204). This family were among the first to bear the surname in Scotland, the originators of the Steward dynasty. It is also recorded that the master and warden of Edw. Allen or Alleyne, should bear the name in recognition of founding Dulwich College in 1019, which gave rising to the patronymic and thus the surname Alan.

In 1881, Allen was widespread across the UK with 55,708 occurrences and 2,499 residing in the southern county of Kent. An earlier bearer of the relative surname in the county of Kent was Johanne Aleyn in 1377. Agricultural Labourer, Labourer and Farmer were the top 3 reported occupations in UK worked by Allen in 1881. The most frequent occupation was Agricultural Labourer.

American physicist James Alfred Van Allen (b. 1914—) discovered The Van Allen radiation belts, 600 miles from the earth, have a major effect on our planet’s atmosphere and rotation.


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Megan Northup`

Hi my name is Megan Northup. My great grandfather on my maternal side of the family is William H Allen. He was born in Ingersoll Oxford Ontario Canada on May 5, 1873. He later moved to Seminole fl. I would like to find common ancestors so I can discover more about his earlier life.


i am gary lee allen .i was born in bridgeport ct 2/5/ grandfather crawford allen born 1866 in virginia.his older brother was stanton allen.he helped founded the allen-bradley company in milwalkee wi.stanton allen died in 1916

Timothy Edward Allen

Hi Im Timothy Edward Allen I was born and lived in Ontario all my life Born in Penetanguishene in 1956 Feb. 7th my Father was Gerald Victor Allen His Father was Robert Allen His Thomas Allen Born in Scotland and came here at a very young age in the early 1830s. i dont know anything about my Great Grandfather where he landed or where he landed or lived in Ontario or Canada until he showed up in Killarney area in Ontario fathering my Grandfather Robert Allen. Great Grandfather Thomas name was spelled Allan in Scotland and changed for some reason in Ontario with Grandfather Robert and siblings .Sure would like to know how my Great Grandfather got here who he came with where he landed and who he was raised by


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