Irish History 101

  1. Early Ireland: 8000 BC - fourth century AD
  2. Early Christianity to the Arrival of the Vikings
  3. The Viking Age 793-928AD
  4. The Normans in Ireland 1156-Late 13th Century
  5. Erosion of English Power in Ireland
  6. The Tudor Era 1459-1601AD
  7. The Plantation of Ulster 1603-1641AD
  8. Cromwell and the Restoration
  9. Into the Eighteenth Century
  10. Growth of Political Unrest in the Later Eighteenth Century
  11. The Act of Union and its Consequences
  12. Daniel O'Connell and the Catholic Association
  13. The Great Famine
  14. The Revolt of the Young Irelanders
  15. The Rise of Fenianism
  16. Charles Stuart Parnell and Land Reform
  17. The Gaelic Cultural Movement
  18. The Ulster Covenant
  19. The Easter Rising
  20. The War of Independence
  21. The Civil War
  22. The Troubles
  23. Celtic Tiger 1998-2008
  24. The End of the Celtic Downturn 2008-Present

Cultural Map of Ireland