The O'Malley Clan Chieftain Nano McMahon O’Malley

Chieftain Nano invites you to the 69th annual O’Malley Clan Gathering in Limerick in 2024

Nano McMahon was appointed Chieftain in 2023 at a ceremony on Clare Island Co Mayo led by Guardian Chieftain Ellen O’Malley Dunlop and outgoing Chieftain Martin in the presence of former Chieftains and members of the Clan. Nano is a schoolteacher in Co Limerick and has been involved in the activities of the Clan for several years. She invites all O’Malleys, their family and friends, to join her in celebrating and experiencing the traditions of The Clan Association in Limerick at the 69th Annual Clan Gathering in June 2024 (Fri 28th - Sun 30th).

Long before it became popular to take an interest in the diaspora, the O’Malleys were encouraging contact, fostering links, and attracting members to come to Ireland for the Annual Clan Gathering. So whether you live in Galway, Ireland, Europe, United States, Australia, New Zealand or elsewhere we look forward to seeing you in Mayo in June 2024.

If you know someone who you believe would make a good O’Malley Clan Chieftain nominate them for the position of Tánaiste and if successful, they will take on the role of Tánaiste for one year before becoming the Clan Chieftain for the following year.