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O’Malley Chieftain’s 2019 Awards

What is it?

To coincide with the planned exhibition: O’Malleys in Public life – 2019, June 21st to 23rd in Limerick City, we would like to recognise those O’Malleys who may not be as well-known, but whose contribution to the community, arts or sport deserve to be more widely known and celebrated.

Do you know someone who fits the bill?

In 250 words or less, please let us know who they are and why they deserve to be recognised by the O’Malley Chieftain.

The only qualifications are:

  • They are of O’Malley ancestry, including all the name variants (Maillie, Maley, Malia, Malley, Mealey, Melia, Ó’Máille, O’Malia, O’Malie, O’Mealy, O’Meally). The connection could be through their mother or grandmother, so they don’t need to be called O’Malley or any of the above variants themselves.
  • Someone you know personally who has made a contribution that you think deserves recognition.
  • There are no particular time limits on when the person’s achievement(s) occurred.
  • Their contributions must fit in 1 or more of these 3 categories:
    • Community activities
    • The arts (music, visual arts, theatre, literature, film/TV/radio, etc.)
    • Sport

To nominate somebody please fill out the below form. Please check that the nominee is happy for their name to go forward.

Nominations for the 2019 Chieftains Awards are now closed.

At the O’Malley Gathering in Limerick in June 21st-23rd 2019, the Chieftain will announce an award in each of the 3 categories, following the Gathering lunch on Sunday 23rd June in the Hunt Museum.

Judging Panel

There will be a panel of 5 judges. Guardian Chieftain, Ellen O’Malley Dunlop will chair the panel. The current chieftain (Brendan) and last 3 chieftains (Pearce, Sarah and Denis) will make up the remainder.

If you would like to attend or find out more about the O’Malley Gathering 2019 click here.