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The O'Malley Clan Association was formed in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland, in 1947 with the purpose of raining funds to restore Carrigahowley Castle (also known as Rockfleet Castle) which had been purchased by Sir Owen O’Malley. Following the restoration, the Clan held its first Clan Rally in 1953, with over 500 people attending. Every year since then, the Clan has come together to foster links and connections between people of O'Malley heritage worldwide and to promote awareness of the rich history of this Gaelic clan.

Over the years many O'Malleys have made contacts and built friendships through the O'Malley Clan Association. The association has now been involved in reaching out to our diaspora for over 70 years. We plan to continue this work for many years to come!

The main event for the Clan is the annual O'Malley Clan Gathering. This is held each summer in one of the O'Malley hotspots in Ireland, usually in the hometown of the Chieftain, and is always a fun-filled weekend for all who attend. The final ceremony of the Gathering is to inaugurate the new Chieftain surrounded by the Guardian Chieftain, past Chieftains, and members of the Clan.

In 2023 Nano O’Malley McMahon from Co Limerick was appointed Chieftain succeeding Martin O'Malley of Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Former Chieftains have hailed from Mayo, Galway, Limerick, Dublin, Belfast, UK and USA. Grace O’Malley of Dublin, whose family came from Clare Island via Rathdowney, Co Laois, is the current Tánaiste and will become the next Chieftain at the end of our 2024 Gathering in Mayo.

A Guardian Chieftain is appointed from among the Past Chieftains to serve a three year term, to provide continuity of traditions. The current Guardian Chieftain is Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop of Dublin and Clare Island.

The aims of the O'Malley Clan Association are set out in the Constitution of the organisation.

The main aims are as follows:

  • The O'Malley Clan Association is an association of people bearing the O'Malley name, their spouses, relatives, and friends.
  • The purpose of the association is to promote friendship between the members, knowledge of the history of the clan, and loyalty to its traditions.
  • Friendship between the members is fostered by the annual Clan Gathering which strives to attract participants from the home country and overseas.
  • Knowledge of the history of the clan is fostered by visits to places associated with the clan, and by the sale of publications dealing with clan history.
  • Loyalty to the clan's traditions is fostered by encouraging the members to cherish the clan heritage by watching over the surviving monuments associated with the clan heritage.

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